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How To Cite OSiRIS ?

If you use OSiRIS for your research and would like to include proper citation and acknowledgement to OSiRIS , we would recommend the following:

OSiRIS: a distributed Ceph deployment using software defined networking for multi-institutional research, DOI

OSiRIS: A Distributed Storage and Networking Project Update, DOI

OSiRIS Project – This material is based upon work supported by the National Science Foundation under Grant Number 1541335


Slides from OSiRIS: Project Update presented by Shawn McKee at UM Storage Community of Practice (CoP) on April 29,2020.

Slides from OSiRIS Overview for ARC-TS and Unit IT presented by Ben Meekhof at the ARC-TS December 2019 Lunchtalk.

Applying OSiRIS NMAL to Network Slices on SLATE Poster presented at CHEP 2019 in Adelaide, Australia on November 5,2019.

Slides from OSiRIS: A Distributed Storage and Networking Project Update presented by Shawn Mckee at CHEP 2019 in Adelaide, Australia on November 4,2019.

Slides from Data Lakes, Data Caching for Science and the OSIRIS Distributed Storage System presented by Shawn Mckee at The 1st Global Research Platform Workshop on September 18,2019.

OSiRIS REU student poster presented at the Mid-SURE event to summarize research experience in the iCER ACRES program at MSU.

Slides from OSiRIS talk presented during HEPiX Spring 2019 at UCSD in San Diego.

Slides which reference OSiRIS in talk presented by Shawn McKee at Middleware And Grid Interagency Coordination (MAGIC) meeting on the scientific data lifecycle.

Poster presented at University of Michigan IT Symposium and also displayed during Supercomputing 2018.

Slides from Ceph BOF at Supercomputing 2018 in Dallas, TX. More detailed coverage of SC18 activities is in our article about SC18.

Slides from U-M Center for Network and Storage-Enabled Collaborative Computational Science 2018 Symposium in Ann Arbor, Michigan.

Slides from HEPiX Fall 2018 Workshop at Casa Convalescència in Barcelona, Spain

Slides from invited talk at the Data Organisation, Management and Access (DOMA) in Astronomy, Genomics and High Energy Physics workshop, November 16, 2017, at the Flatiron Institute (Simons Foundation) in New York City.

Slides from JLAB 2017 Future Trends conference in Newport News, VA.

Slides from University of Michigan 2017 CNSECCS Symposium in Ann Arbor, MI (Center for Network and Storage Enabled Collaborative Computational Science).

Blog post and final report covering our collaborative design review of OSiRIS Access Assertions during our engagement with the Center for Trustworthy Scientific Cyberinfrastructure (CTSC).

OSiRIS featured on the Puppet blog discussing the project infrastructure and our use of puppet in managing OSiRIS components.

OSiRIS contribution from CHEP 2016 conference hosted by SLAC and LBNL in San Francisco.

Our poster and whitepaper from the DIBBS17 conference in Arlington, VA.

Slides from SC16 booth talk. More detailed coverage of this and other SC16 activities is in our article about SC16.

Poster and White paper from the Rapid Earth Science demo at SC16. More detailed coverage is in our our article.

Slides from our talk during ‘CEPH in HPC Environments’ BOF at SC16.

OSiRIS contribution from XRootD Workshop at ICEPP, Tokyo.

OSiRIS contribution from HEPiX Fall 2016 at LBNL, Berkeley.

U-M CNSECCS and OSiRIS featured on HGST SanDisk blog discussing the challenges of scientific collaboration on big data.

OSiRIS contribution from HEPiX Spring 2016 at DESY, Zeuthen.

OSiRIS contribution at 2016 OSG All Hands meeting at Clemson University.

Slides from 2016 Merit Member Conference in Ypsilanti, Michigan.

Slides from Cyberinfrastructure Forum at MSU, East Lansing.

The Michigan News service produced a great article about the project shortly after the grant was awarded.