Supported by the National Science Foundation Collaborator: University of Michigan Collaborator: Michigan State University Collaborator: Wayne State University Collaborator: Indiana University

OSiRIS is funded by the NSF via a CC*DNI DIBBs grant awarded to the University of Michigan, Michigan State, Wayne State and Indiana University. Award Details are publicly available on the NSF website. The project also incorporates a small storage cache tier and services for researchers at the Van Andel Institute.

OSiRIS Overview

OSiRIS will provide a distributed, multi-institutional storage infrastructure that lets researchers write, manage, and share data from their own computing facility locations. It's goal is transparent, high-performance access to the same storage infrastructure from well-connected locations on any participating campus.

OSiRIS includes network discovery, monitoring and management tools as well as the creative use of Ceph features. The project will provide data sharing, archiving, security and life-cycle managment, implemented and maintained with a single distributed service.

OSiRIS project engineering is coordinated by University Of Michigan Advanced Research Computing - Technology Services (ARC-TS).

The Principal Investigator is Shawn McKee, Research Scientist in the Department of Physics and the Director of the Center for Network and Storage-Enabled Collaborative Computational Science (CNSECCS). CNSECCS and OSiRIS are operated under the auspices of the Michigan Institute for Computational Discovery and Engineering (MICDE).

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University of Michigan Advanced Research Computing is an Associate member of the Ceph Foundation.


Shawn McKee       Lead PI University of Michigan
Patrick Gossman       Co-PI Wayne State University
Kenneth Merz       Co-PI Michigan State University
Martin Swany       Co-PI Indiana University

Current OSiRIS Staff

Jeremy Musser       IU Grad Student Engineer
Alex Shroyer       IU Engineer
Andy Keen       MSU Lead Engineer
Nick Rahme       MSU Engineer
Adam Pitcher       MSU Lead Engineer
Dan Kirkland       UM Network Engineer
Matt Lessins       WSU Network Engineer
Carlo Musante       WSU Network Engineer
Michael Thompson       WSU Lead Engineer

OSiRIS Undergraduate Students

Kristy Yoshimoto       IU Student Engineer
Kai Sandstrom       IU Student Engineer
Jackson Riggle       MSU REU Student

Former OSiRIS Students and Staff

These individuals contributed to OSiRIS but are not currently involved in the project.

Ezra Kissel       IU Lead Research Scientist
Grant Skipper       IU Grad Student Engineer
Charlie Miller       MSU Engineer
Jayashree Candadai       IU Principal Research Engineer
Miao Zhang       IU Grad Student Engineer
Xiaoxing (Adele) Han       MSU OSiRIS Logo Design
Victoria Cao       MSU REU Student
William Dixon       MSU REU Student
Jeff Goeke-Smith       MSU Network Engineer
Benjeman Meekhof       UM Lead Engineer
Jerome Kinlaw       UM Engineer
My Do       UM Student Engineer
Lillian Huang       UM Student Engineer
Ryan Marshall       UM Student Engineer
Charlie Monk       UM Student Engineer
Raul Dutta       UM Student Engineer
Keane Wolter       UM Engineer
Michael Gregorowicz       WSU Systems Architect