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Battistuzzi Lab - Evolution

The Battistuzzi research lab focuses on long-term evolutionary patterns of microbial life. Our comparative approaches require the use of thousands of prokaryotic and eukaryotic genomes that are analyzed with a variety of methods, from phylogenetics to pan-genomics. The large amount of data we produce is becoming a bottleneck in our group because of infrastructural limitations within our institution. Partnering with OSiRIS will give us an opportunity not only to protect our current data and ensure its future availability for the scientific community, but also scale up the scope of our analyses to include larger genomes and more comprehensive analyses of evolutionary trends and patterns in the Tree of Life.


The OU Genomics group aims to use and promote next-generation sequencing and bioinformatics technologies for research and education at the OU Biological Sciences Department. We collaborate with researchers across the globe focused on genomic diversity in population, asking questions in evolution, conservation, human history and medicine. Multiple genome sequences generate enormous amounts of information, and integration of OSiRIS into our research gives us the ability to accumulate critical data and provide seamless access for our collaborators. Accessing OSiRIS data directly in the MSU iCER cluster is crucial for our capacity to perform analyses on large datasets, saving time and cost on data delivery.