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An online platform to accelerate scientific discovery by automated data management, large-scale analyses, and visualization.

Neuroscience is engaging at the forefront of science by dissolving disciplinary boundaries and promoting transdisciplinary research. This process can facilitate discovery by convergent efforts from theoretical, experimental and cognitive neuroscience, as well as computer science and engineering. We address challenges to neuroscience open sharing and reproducibility by providing integrative mechanisms for publishing data and algorithms while embedding them with computing resources to impact multiple scientific communities. Logo

Brainlife plans to switch over to OSiRIS as our primary archival storage system before the end of this year. Brainlife organizes neuroimaging data and data derivatives using our registered datatypes. All “data” on Brainlife (aka “dataset”) is an instance of one of these datatypes, and we stage data in/out of the archive as needed when users decide to run one of our Apps or visualize the data. No single computing resources has enough storage capacity to store all of our datasets, nor is reliable enough so that users can access the data when they need them. We will depend on OSiRIS to store our archived datasets and transfer data between our computing resources.