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17 November 2016
Total SCinet traffic monitored by sflow/netflow SCinet total traffic

SCinet is a high performance advanced network created every year for the Supercomputing conference. SCinet comes together thanks to the hard work of volunteers and the support of industry vendors who donate equipment and services.

On the last day of Supercomputing a call went out to 100G booths to push as much traffic as we could across SCinet LAN and WAN links to set a new SC16 bandwidth record. Of course we had to participate!

To generate traffic we used OSiRIS 100Gb connected hosts at UM, WSU, and MSU as well as 100Gb hosts from ATLAS Great Lakes Tier 2.

The combined traffic of all participating exhibitors set a new record for pushing over 1.2 Terabybtes of traffic over the show floor and more than 1 Terabit/s across WAN circuits. For our part, we saturated the incoming 100Gb link landing on the Dell Z9100 switch in our booth:

Incoming traffic to OSiRIS switch Incoming traffic blackholed on the switch

While fully utilizing our available outgoing campus bandwidth:

Traffic Outgoing from OSiRIS sites MSU hpcc-atlas bond - 2 x 40 Gb
UM r-MACC* - 40Gb each
WSU MLXe - 10Gb

UM ITS Logo We’d like to thank in particular for this challenge Dan Kirkland and Dan Eklund from the UM ITS team. Their hard work before and during the conference made sure we had stable, fast network paths to the conference and on the showroom floor.

SC16 Physical Topology OSiRIS SC16 Physical Topology

Thanks also to Zayo and CenturyLink for providing 100Gb network paths from Michigan to the conference.

CenturyLink Logo Zayo Logo

Thanks to Juniper and Adva for providing network equipment.

Juniper Logo ADVA Logo

We would also like again to acknowledge the hard-working team that built the SCinet infrastructure to support local and wide-area networks at the conference.

Read more about the record in the article on the SC16 website.